Cat Grooming

Being the fastidious creatures they are, cats will groom themselves many times each day. 
In fact, grooming is one of a kitten's first innate behaviours, they groom each other even before they can walk!
With this in mind, our feline friends still need regular brushing, nail clipping, cleaning of ear and bathing. This is to prevent disease and maintain a healthy coat, skin, ear and nails.

There will be far less fur around the house with regular grooming as well.

All of our grooming is handled gently without sedation and we can give you helpful hints about the best ways to groom at home.

Best of all, our grooming salon is exclusively for cats, thus, no distractions from other pets and no dogs!

In addition, our grooming kits and shears are sterilised with imported steriliser to ensure diseases and germs are not spread to other cats during the course of grooming

Following are our grooming options:
  • Basic grooming
  • Full grooming
  • Deshedding session
  • Spa session
  • Defleas & ticks session 
A grooming session makes a happy cat!

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