Testimonial from Macho on our Cat Hotel

We are expats that moved in malaysia few months ago and with us is our cuty cat Macho. We are so happy to have found kitten cottage because now we are sure that Macho is in good hands everytime we travel. We are impressed with the facility and professionalism of the staff and we highly recommend this place to eveybody. We will definitely consider kitten cottage a second home for macho. Keep up the good work!

Macho's Owner - Joerg and Barbara Friebel

Testimonial from Arya and Neo on Our Cat Boarding

This is the second time that I leave my cats with Kitten Cottage and I must say that I travel with a big peace of mind knowing that my cats are taken care of properly.

I do appreciate that I can bring along with them some of their toys, food and bowls so they can feel "at home" during their stay and that the staff follows all their routine grooming and care notes to the letter.

Thanks Ryan for ensuring that the cats left at your care are given back to their owners in the same or better shape that you received them.

Also know that I will be sending Arya and Neo to Kitten Cottage every time I am out of KL.

Thanks again for taking good care of my life companions.

Best Regards,

Testimonial from Bleu, Bobby & Tin Tin on Our Cat Boarding

I hope it is not too late for me to convey my gratitude for your kind hospitality to my 3 cats.

I believe my furballs came back with wonderful memories of Kitten Cottage. The most important thing is, I am aware how patient you are with the bunch and how you tried your best to make sure that they felt safe and comfortable.

The furkids came home smelling wonderful with shiny coat, thanks to what I believe is achieved through daily brushing. They looked happy and their playful mood assured me that their 8 days stay is stress free.

I think there are no words to describe my gratitude to Kitten Cottage's crew for the job well done. My precious cats have created a new chapter in their experience, thanks to the effort rendered.

All in, I think both of you, Ryan &Winnie; has done a wonderful job. 

And for that, please accept our heartfelt thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~ Azman, Faiza, Safra, Maria & Danial.

Message from Panbeh Khaan on Our Cat Boarding

I spent 3 weeks at Kitten Cottage while my caretaker was away. I felt confortable and at home and welcomed by the kind staff! They took good care of me and cuddled me and let me purr!

Next time that my caretaker plans for holidays, I won't be unhappy anymore cause I know I will stay at Kitten Cottage! Meow...

Testimonial from Snowy on her Owner's Blog

Please click: Snowy at Kitten Cottage

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