Condo Cottage

Kitten Cottage’s Condo Cottage

Here, cats have a private condo cottage with full glass panel (cageless and no wire mesh), two level shelves together with a custom made cat box added with soft personal fleece pillow for comfort and interactive toy.

Each condo cottage comes with a separate toilet for hygiene purposes and our whole condo area is sterilized with a sterilizer to minimize spreading of germs and diseases.

Your lovely cat will be treated to the healthiest of dry food, with daily cuddle and a visit to our garden or living hall.

Room Rate:

Less than twenty (20) nights in totality : RM35 per night per cat
More than twenty (20) nights in totality: Ten (10) percent discount

Extra Note:

1) Cat’s staying in our Condo Cottage are fed with our holistic dry food, however if your cat requires a specific diet, please bring along the food while boarding your lovely cat.

2) If your cats will be staying more than one month with us, please give us a call to get a special rates from us.

3) There will be a surcharge of rate during peak period - Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Adilfitri, Christmas and New Year.

Prices current as of 30 July 2014; Kitten Cottage reserves the right to amend prices without notice.

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