Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cat Boarding for the Festive Period

Dear all,

Looking for a safe cattery to place your lovely cats while you are away on a holiday?

Search no further, you have successfully click on the right place. Following are ten reasons why we are the best:

1) We, Kitten Cottage, specialise just in feline care;
2) No other pets, especially dogs or tigers, thus ensuring a calm and peaceful environment;
3) Say bye bye to cage boarding;
4) Well trained staffs in pet cat behaviour ensuring they know every cat needs in detail;
5) Specially created playground for your cats to play in;
6) Our cattery are well ventilated and disinfected with fresh air 24 hours 7 days a week;
7) 24 hours cool temperature controlled ensuring a comfort stay for kittens and elder cats;
8) Reduce separation anxiety while you are away due to boredom and loneliness being kept alone at home;
9) We supervise their eating behaviour ensuring they consume their meals;
10) Early socialisation of cats with their peers and us will hep them become a better pet cats.

We have more than the ten benefits listed above for you to board your cats with us, but we felt that giving all our cats' owner a peace of mind while travelling knowing that their lovely cats will be well taken care off will be the ultimate benefits we can give!!!

Give us a call at 03 7722 2078 for more information on boarding your cats with us.  :)

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